Myanmar army and SSA clashes continue in Monghsu

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Myanmar army and SSA clashesMyanmar army and SSA clashes happened last June 30 in Kawng Maihoong base in Monghsu Township. The Shan State Progress Party / Shan State Army (SSPP/SSA), as the SSA North is officially designated.

Spokesperson Maj Sai La of the SSPP/SSA conveyed an important message to President Thein Sein to advise the Burma Army forces to stop the warfare in that area otherwise they will be forced to continue the fighting in defend for their positions.

This has been the 19th attack and violation made by the Burmese army after the peace signing on January 28 held in Taunggyi, capital of Shan State, news report from SHAN said.

Two additional bases in Tangyan township, 7th Mile and Kawng Maizong, were attacked yesterday by joint forces from Infantry Battalions (IBs) 33 and 136, and Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) 326.

The heavy fighting has been going on for four days. Shan State Army (SSA) North fighters have been protecting its Kawng Maihoong hill base in Monghsu township in Shan State South which is near the border of Tangyan township in Shan State North. There were reports that at least 10 infantry battalions from the Burma Army North Eastern and Central Eastern regional commands were responsible for the successive attacks.

The Central Eastern Region under Commander Gen Tun Tun Naung is directing the operation from the township seat of Monghsu while Burma Army’s Military Operations Command (MOC) # 2, headed by Brig Gen Tint Lwin, moved its forward base from Mongnawng to the north in Mong Awd for the next attack.

Myanmar army and SSA clashes

Graphic: @SHAN

However, last June 22 a new agreement was signed in Mandalay with the groups’ representatives to end the conflict in exchange for the fighters to withdraw in Loi Pha Pheung, a mountain base leading to the Salween in the east. Unfortunately, the agreement was reached only after 4 days of heavy fighting, according to news reported from SHAN.

The warfare has not only affected the farmers going out in their fields to work, likewise affecting the lives and properties of some 300 people from villages in Mong Awd and Tawng Hio. They had made a formal letter addressed to President Thein Sein to exert every effort to put a stop to this conflict.

On the other side, Shan State Army (SSA) South, its sister organization has recorded 24 clashes with the Burmese army since the peace treaty was signed on December 2, while 7 attacks were done since the signing of another peace pact on May 19 with Burma Army chief Soe Win in Kengtung. With this occurrence, they are not that positive that the conflict would totally end, the report said.

Reshuffling the Union Peacemaking Work Committee (UPWC) last May with the inclusion of top military officials would mean that there is hope and progress the hostilities in that area will be put to stop, as disclosed by Naypyitaw’s chief negotiator U Aung Min.



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